Hard Drive Free Space - A Few Server D: drives

I always seem to over complicate standard reports in PDQ and need some help.

I have a report that is defined as the following:

All - Logical Disk    Free %    Less Than    15

The report does exactly that.  However, I need to exclude a few servers' D: drives.  I've played around with it and just cannot get it to do that.  Am I going to need to build an SQL report for this?

Thank you for your time!!



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  • I think something like this should work. I don't have access to Inventory right now to check my work, so no guarantees :)

    Logical Disk | Free % | Less Than | 15
    Not All
    Logical Disk | Disk ID | Equals | D:
    Computer | Name | Equals | Server 1
    Computer | Name | Equals | Server 2
  • Thank you! This worked!


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