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deploying exe with paramenters??

I have a MessgeNet.exe that I am trying to deploy. Here are the pref.ini parameters:

[IP Address]

I am trying to get this installed with the server ip Any suggestions? Thanks





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  • Can you just copy pref.ini to your targets, or do you need to specify unique values for each target? Also, does your vendor have any documentation about silent installation?

  • Hate to say this but my vendor is no help at all. I have an IP of that I need to install. I can copy pref.ini but I need to determine what the setting should be. Ex. - Server_IP: ???

  • You can update pref.ini on the target with PowerShell. Where is "Server_IP" coming from? Is it the IP of the target?

  • No. It is the IP of the MessageNet server. I can deploy the exe no issue but when you user clicks app, it opens and request the user input the IP address of the MessageNet server

  • In that case, I recommend adding a File Copy step to your package that copies a pre-built pref.ini file to the target.

  • Ok. Got that. What should the parameter look like?



  • The only parameter you should need is the silent switch. It varies between vendors, but a few you can try are:

    • /S
    • -s
    • --silent
    • --quiet
    • /Q