SQL Report Request - Multiple failures of the same package on the same machine

I would like to have a report that shows if the same package is failing multiple times to be able to correct the issue.  I would like it to narrow down to only the last, say, 30 days?  PDQ support requested I reach out for help with an SQL report.  I am not an SQL guy, at all.



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  • Zach at PDQ was nice enough to provide this to help me.  Looks to work great!


    SELECT Name, PDQDeployments.ComputerId, PackageName, Status, count(*) c 
    from PDQDeployments
    JOIN Computers
    on Computers.ComputerId = [PDQDeployments].[ComputerId]
    WHERE Status = "Failed"
    GROUP BY PDQDeployments.ComputerId, PackageName
    HAVING c > 1;

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