Stop users from starting an app when upgrading



  • Colby Bouma

    There are a few choices I can think of:

    • Display a message to the user telling them to not open it.
    • Edit the ACL for the executable (with something like Set-Acl) to deny the "Read & execute" permission. Make sure you don't block the Deploy User.
    • Temporarily move/rename the executable so shortcuts don't work.
    • Go full Lex on your users and kick them out with something like a Logoff or Reboot step :)
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  • Lars Skaarup Sørensen

    I like the first one the best. 

    I took out most of their script, so the popup just will inform users that the update is going on. I was thinking on letting it show for 30 sec, and then auto close it. The files copy should be done by that time.

    But that gives me another issue. When I create a job i PDQ, where the first part i informing the user and the second part is the actual copy. The copy part will only start after the waiting periode at the popup. So now the user believes the update is done, which it isn't 

    Is it possible to have the copy process to start, just after the popup shows and not after is gone?

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