Excluding collections from deployments


Few different questions:

Is there a way to exclude certain collections when setting up a deployment schedule?

Is there a way to exclude certain collections when creating a new collection? For example if I have a collection called Workstations, and a collection called Admins, can I create a collection with the rules that a computer must be a member of Workstations and not a member of Admins?

Is there a way to exclude multiple collections when creating a deployment? It seems that you can only exclude one collection.

I thought these would all be pretty straightforward things the software can do but that doesn't seem to be the case.



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  • Alex,

    Most of your issues can be resolved by simply creating one dynamic collection that meets all of your deployment criteria. You can create a dynamic collection based on membership in other collections as well, e.g. make a collection that contains computers that are in those two other collections, then use the new collection to exclude both in your package.

    Also what do you mean by groups? As far as I know PDQ does not use that terminology anywhere. Do you mean collections or perhaps filters?

  • Sorry about the terminology, I replaced group with collection which is what I originally meant.

    As for creating a dynamic collection that excludes certain other collections, I think I just figured it out. I just create the following value filter, and set the group filter to 'not any'.

    Member of Collection >> Name >> Equals >> Admins

    I think I'm all set here.


  • I personally recommend using:

    Computer | Collection | Is Member | Admins

    It ties it to the CollectionId in the background. This method is faster and allows for collections to be renamed.


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