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My collection of Tools

FYI maybe somebody finds useful. Most of them I use every day and are from 2012. Still working well, no need to change. Some are powershell, some cmd, some needs to leave shell open some are capture window etc, if you cannot figure out just ask. As you know for IT Friday is read-only.

# Powershell as Console User
Enter-PSSession $(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)
# Powershell as Different User
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName "$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)" -Credential $creds
# Flush DNS / Release IP / Shutdown
psexec.exe \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) "cmd" "/c ipconfig /flushdns && shutdown -s -f -t 10 && ipconfig /release"
# cmd as system user
psexec \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) -s -accepteula cmd
# Change Domain Controller to DCHOSTNAME
nltest /Server:$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) /\DCHOSTNAME
# Check Domain Controller
psexec \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) nltest /
# DISM Repair
psexec.exe \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
# System File Integrity Check
psexec.exe \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) sfc /verifyonly
# System File Integrity Check & Repair
psexec.exe \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) sfc /scannow
# Check Disk Integrity & Repair
psexec.exe \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME) chkdsk /f /r
# Dameware Remote
"C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\DameWare Mini Remote Control x64\DWRCC.exe" -c -h -m:$(Computer:TARGET) -md: -a:1 -x:
# Last Logged On user
(Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI").LastLoggedOnSAMUser
# WinDirStat C:\
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinDirStat\windirstat.exe" \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)\C$
# System Information
msinfo32 /computer \\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)
# Get Hosts File
Get-Content \\$(Computer:TARGET)\c$\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
# Open Hosts File
explorer.exe "\\$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)\ADMIN$\system32\drivers\etc"
# Get Services File
Get-Content \\$(Computer:TARGET)\c$\windows\system32\drivers\etc\services
# Connect Remote Registry (Start service delay 5 sec)
# Custom built Tool from Admin Arsenal Live! : PDQ & A - September 2016
sc \\$(Computer:TARGET) Config RemoteRegistry start= auto
sc \\$(Computer:TARGET) start RemoteRegistry
timeout /t 5 /nobreak
"\\\repository\deploy\Tools\Remote Registry\StartReg64.exe" $(Computer:TARGET)
# Disable & Stop Remote Registry Service
sc \\$(Computer:TARGET) Config RemoteRegistry start= disabled
sc \\$(Computer:TARGET) stop RemoteRegistry
# Get Group Policy Report (PC & Currently Logged in User)
import-module grouppolicy
$ErrorActionPreference = "SilentlyContinue"
$computer = "$(Computer:TARGETHOSTNAME)"
$filepath = "%temp%\grouppolicy_" + $computer + "_temp.html"
$user = get-wmiobject -computername $computer -class win32_computersystem | select -expand username
if($user -ne $null -and $computer -ne $null){write-host "Retrieving Policy Report for $user on $computer..."}
if($user -eq $null -and $computer -ne $null){write-host "Retrieving Policy Report for $computer..."}
try {get-gpresultantsetofpolicy -computer $computer -reporttype html -path $filepath -user $user | out-null}
catch {msg * "An error occured retrieving the policy report."}
start-process $filepath -wait
remove-item $filepath


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  • Hi Marcus, sorry for a two year old response, but I have a weird request.

    I noticed you still use the remote registry tool "Startreg64.exe".

    Is there a way I can get a copy from you?

    I used to have it, but after decommissioning an old PDQ server, I lost it.

    I contacted PDQ support, but they told me it was a custom tool that's not available anymore.