Installing VPN software for remote users


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  • Ketan Dave

    I had the same issue with updating pulse. You can't update it while it's on VPN. First, I copied the files needed for update to c:\windows\adminarsenal along with a powerrshell scripts that run the update then I added a step to add Task schedule. The task scheduler looks for Even ID on pulse when it logs off. As soon as it logs off. The task scheduler starts a powershell scripts that runs the update, removes the task schedule task and reboots the laptop so the config gets loaded. So the task schedule takes over when it's not on vpn. It worked out like a champ. As long as they don't turn off the computer as soon as they log off vpn :). But you may want to send email to your end user community not to power off. But I am thinking of adding a step to prevent shutdown :) when I need to update vpn client.

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