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Powershell Scanner GitHub Repository: User Group Info on Windows 7

I'm successfully using the User Group Info scanner on Windows 10. 


Windows 7 is giving me trouble. No results, a few different errors. Most prevalent being the following:

Exception calling "FindOne" with "0" argument(s): "The objectsid= search filter is invalid."


Has anyone gotten this scanner working in Windows 7 via installing .NET or Powershell packages? Or could it be missing modules that may need to be imported?



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  • I think I might see where the problem is coming from. Look at the following registry key on one of your Windows 7 machines:


    Does it contain a property named "LastLoggedOnUserSID"?


  • I just built a Windows 7 VM, and it is missing that property. I opened an issue, and I will be submitting a PR soon.

  • Great, thanks!