Is there a way to deploy entire package if computer goes offline during deployment?



  • Colby Bouma

    There's nothing built-in that will do that. One workaround is to create a package that creates a scheduled task on the target.

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  • Kdave

    Yes there is a way. I had to update Pulse secure and I was in same boat as you. This is what I did, I created a schedule task that looks for event ID when Pulse Secure logs off. The schedule task fires and run a powershell scrips that updates pulse. I first tested the schedule task on my laptop and exported it as XML.  These are the steps on my PDQ Deploy package

    Step 1, copy all the files needed to updated Pulse secure including powershell script that updates pulse, removes  schedule task and reboots the computer so it loads the config file. I copied the entire folder to c:\windows\adminarsenal folder

    Step 2 Installs the schedule task using the exported XML file.

    Just wait for your user base to log off and it will fire. Please let me know if you want more specific steps and happy to share.

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