Computers that match a list of models



  • Luke Nichols


    I would do this with a regex filter. Example dynamic collection filters using some models from my environment:

    Computer > Model > Matches Expression > ^(Alienware Area-51 R5|HP ENVY Pro 4-b000 Ultrabook PC|HP ProBook 6470b|HP ProDesk 400 G1 SFF)$

    If you can get all of the correct models into a text document with each one on a new line (such as a CSV formatted PDQ report) then you can easily generate this regex by following these instructions:

    • Open the text file in Notepad++
    • Press ctrl+f to open the find & replace dialog box
    • Click the "Replace" tab
    • Change the "Search Mode" to "Extended"
    • Find what: \r\n
    • Replace with: |
    • Replace All
    • Plug your new regex expression into my example collection above

    I have never run this with as many as 500 different search terms in the regex expression so I cannot guarantee this will work but this is my best guess on a solution.

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  • Mathew Giljum

    Thanks Luke. I'm not sure how it'll perform running a regex query of that size, but it can't hurt to try. I'll see if it works.

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