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Access to variables in PDQ Inventory?

Hello everyone.  There is a variable in PDQ Inventory that I would like to be able to read in PDQ Deploy.  However, PDQ Deploy does not seem to be able to read it.  For example, from within PDQ Inventory, I am able to Run Command and have that execute "echo $(HFName102009MonthlyLatest)" which works just fine.  But, if I create a package in PDQ Deploy and have a Powershell step that also executes "echo $(HFName102009MonthlyLatest)" then I get an error from Powershell stating that the term 'HFName102009MonthlyLatest' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, blah blah blah.

How might I be able to read that PDQ Inventory variable from PDQ Deploy?

Thank you!



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  • It is not currently possible to automatically sync variables between Deploy and Inventory. You could write a PowerShell script to do it periodically, but it would require reading from the database since there's no command to read variables.

  • I just added Sync-PdqVariable to my PowerShell module, PdqStuff. It synchronizes all variables between Deploy and Inventory. Open a PowerShell window as admin, then run the following. You will most likely have to accept a few prompts.

    Set-ExecutionPolicy 'RemoteSigned'
    Install-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Import-Module -Name 'PdqStuff'
    Get-Help Sync-PdqVariable -Full