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"Update does not apply" for Windows 10 updates

I'm trying the April 13, 2021 Win 10 (1803) x64 update and am noticing that on relevant systems it fails with "Update does not apply" on the 2nd step of installing the 1803 SS Prerequisite ($(Repository)\Microsoft\Updates\Win10\1803\Win10-1803-SSU-x64-kb5001400.msu).

I also tried disabling this step by converting to standard package, and also get the same "Update does not apply" on the main update step ($(Repository)\Microsoft\Updates\Win10\1803\Win10-1803-20210413-x64-kb5001339.msu).

Is there a specific scan in PDQ Inventory I should run on the system to maybe check if it's already updated?
I can't tell what the issue is because "does not apply" is a bit vague. It's not like it's telling me "System already has this update" or something.



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  • I have the same problem with just one of my machines.  After running sfc /scannow I see that there are corrupt files and it wasn't able to repair all of the corrupt files. I am thinking that running a repair or refreshing the computer may be my only option at this point.