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PDQ Deploy proxy server

Can we have a 2nd Proxy server at a 2nd site (50 users) as it takes a long time to deploy certain software and/or updates from HQ ?

Such that I have created certain dynamic collection for the 2nd site but use HQ-PDQ-Deploy server but it uses the proxy server (with installation files copied over) and then deploy to these 50 lappy instead of copying to the 50 lappy from the HQ server ?



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  • I mean if like our AV server(s), it will download updates (engine update, definition updates) from the Internet then deploy to client machines.

    But we also have 2 other offices, each have a few ESXi hosts and VMs. Thus on each of the office, there is also a AV server which literally acts as a proxy only (collects reports, distribute the updates). So when AV-HQ server gets an update, it will distribute to machines in HQ but also to the AV-site1 & AV-site-2 servers and let them distribute to the machines on those sites as to reduce WAN load. 

    Is there such an option in PDQ deploy ?

  • No, PDQ doesn't have anything like that built-in. DFS gets close though.

  • Another vote for DFS.  I use it in branch offices and my packages pull from the local DFS share.