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Collection for whether file exists?

I'm trying to create a collection that will show me computers that DO have MpSigStub.exe in c:\Windows\System32 and systems that do NOT have it. 

I've tried this but I don't think it's working right. Is this the way? 

Additionally my goal here is to deploy a script that deletes the file. Will the system be removed from the collection showing it not having the file, or would I have to add a "File scan" into the PDQ Deployment that I have which scans System32? 



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  • Are you scanning that directory in your scan profile?  Once the file is deleted by your script, it should fall out of the collection after the next file scan.

  • Yes it is scanned in one of the scan profiles. 

    However I see duplicate systems in this Dynamic collection that I see in the Collection containing systems that do have the file.


  • I would think your first filter is not needed since all of your Windows machines are going to have C:\Windows\System32.

    For your second filter, I'd change Comparison from Contains to Equals.

  • I also run into false positives every once in a while.  I have a dynamic collection for the existence of a particular file, but if I browse the C$ share, the file does not exist. 

  • Ok thanks, I think that works then. 

    So if file exists:


    If file doesn't exist: