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Inventory and Deploy VERY slow / freezing

We have an issue with our pdq inventory & deploy apps.

we have both installed on a fairly high spec VM running server 2016. the VM's performance is otherwise fine.

over the years,the pdq apps have gradually gotten slower and slower. If the apps are left open, and we try to click around in them, they are frozen for around 10 seconds, then come to life. but remain fairly slow to navigate around.

clicking in inventory to deploy an app through pdq deploy takes a long time to load up pdq deploy box, even though pdq deploy is already open.

I sent our databases to pdq support but they came back saying they are 'fairly lightweight' and don't see any issues with the databases.

they adivsed installing pdq apps onto a 'dedicated' server - but this seems overkill for 2 apps.

the server it is on is one of our general app servers, running a few other lightweight apps, nothing heavy.

I've been through some other suggestions I found online like cleaning out old unused repository files, but nothing worked.

any advice ?



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  • Do you have a large amount of any specific type of record? Deployments, scans, etc. How large are your databases?

  • I'm going to jump on this train, things have been getting worse and worse for load times. PDQ Deploy especially. I have Inventory and Deploy running on their own VM with 16GB RAM and SSD drives within a new HCI server, and load times on PDQ are horrendous. Used to launch in seconds many moons ago, now launching within the minute. I have halved the deployment history and optimized databases with no effect on performance. If ever there was a time to get on board with web-based management... this is it. I have to take a deep breath every time i need to deploy anything on the fly these days. 

  • I have also been experiencing slowdowns/freezeups in the last month or 2.

    using the latest versions advertised (stable) ( Enterprise subscription - Current)

    Inventory DB size: 173.3 MB

    Deploy DB Size: 48.4 MB



  • This week has been extremely slow and I was hoping the newest update would fix it but it is just as slow (if not slower).  Inventory is chewing up all the resources and causing my server to freeze between clicks.

  • I had PDQ Inventory and Deploy running on my local laptop for several years, my laptop is nothing special and have had zero issues and have it scanning through 800+ computers. About 1 year ago I moved it to server since we have more administrators, again no issues. My guess is it has something to do with your hosting environment, esxi?

  • It would be great, if you could do something about it and optimize the performance, it's so tiring.

    Please check the bottlenecks!!!

    Running on VSphere VM.

    Can't really remember but if i remove all histories/ past schedules as recommended, it's faster and doesn't seem to freeze. I already set automatic removal to an appropiate minimum.