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When Updating PDQ, Does it Include Security and Reliability Updates?


I'm trying to figure out if when you update both Inventory and Deploy, do those also include security and reliability updates for the programs? When reading about what the new update includes, it's usually new features and bug fixes, but it doesn't mention if security updates also are applied.

The reason I ask is because we've been delaying updating when the features don't really do much for us so we're not updating every month. But if we're missing out on security patches, then I'll need to get back to updating.

Any info on this is appreciated, thank you!



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  • There's only 1 update feed. All important changes are mentioned in the changelog. PDQ has just been fortunate enough to not require security updates (as far as I can recall). However, if they ever do have to patch a security issue, I'm certain they would mention it in the changelog (probably as a bug fix), and probably other places like the blog if it's severe enough.

  • Excellent, thank you for this info!