Deploy to specific versions of Win10?

So Microsoft released a ton of patches to finally kill off embedded flash in Windows 10 and 8 (no 7 and I still have a bunch of those, sadly). Unfortunately there is one for every single version of Windows 10 (1607, 1909, 2009, etc) I don't see an easy way to select this in deploy and wondering if someone can point me at a way to check? My goal is to create 1 package with a step for each version rather than 6 packages.



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  • A couple of options are:

    • Use the Collection Library as targets. Windows Updates\Workstations\Windows 10\Windows 10 Version XXXX
    • Use a Registry Condition. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ReleaseId
  • Ah the Reg is perfect. I was trying to find that and did not see it. The collections idea works but seemed a bit more prone to error. Thanks for the assist! 


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