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Feature Request - Assign values to variables for a package before deploying


Would it be possible to include a feature where you can create variables that can be assigned a value before you deploy a package?

For example, I have a package in PDQ-Deploy that I use to map a printer for someone. It would be cool if you could put a variable in the package called "printername" or something like that and before you deploy the package you can assign that variable a value that points to the path of the printer you want to map. That way, you don't have to create multiple packages for each printer you want create a package for in PDQ Deploy. As of right now, I just manually edit the package if I want to deploy a different printer than what's currently set up in the package. I understand that you can use Group Policy to do this but for certain people, it's just easier to map them this way. I'd imagine there would be other use cases for this as well so I just think it would be a very cool feature to implement if possible. Thanks.




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