Create collection of PC's not in AD?



  • Steve Oliver

    From my understanding, anything you want to do with a scanner or tool, would involve interaction with the computer.  So, you'd only be able to report on computers that are still in AD.  You could do a nightly/weekly powershell report of all computer objects in AD, and then make a scanner that queries that report to confirm, "I exist". 

    'Course, that would only accomplish the same as a 'days since last successful scan' collection.

    Unless you could make a SQL report comparing your all computers collection to that report?  I'd be interested if a good way is found.

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  • Craig Mohr

    Thanks. I'm not trying to do anything with the devices. Just move the inventory entries into a "not in AD" collection. Moving devices obviously does not require any interaction since you can do it with a "not scanned" device.

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