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PDQ Inventory Network Discovery Multiple Subnets


We have multiple sites that we need to run a network discovery on. Most of these sites are large network locations so there are multiple subnets per site. Is there a way that we can scan multiple subnets for a site?




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  • If the subnets are close together, you can just scan a larger range (/20 instead of /24, for example). You can also queue up multiple discoveries. The Network Discovery Status window will show you all running discoveries.

  • Unfortunately, the subnets per location are not necessarily close together. There are blocks of subnets that are close together but some others are skipped. For example I have a: .128, .129, .130, and then .132. That means either .131 is not used or it is more than likely that is being used by another site.

    Ultimately we are attempting to provide these sites data indicating what exactly is at their site so they can fill out proper documentation (IPAM) and keep track of what inventory they have and what is connecting to the networks.