Deploying an Auto Update package 'automatically'?

Hi - rather than creating loads of different groups in PDQ Inventory like "Java XX, Java (Old)" etc for each piece of deployed software (autodeploy packages from the PDQ package library), is there a way to set a trigger that basically says "Trigger the deployment of this app to an Inventory collection whenever the package has been updated"?

I have set auto approval on the packages so they update themselves but I don't want to manually have to keep editing my Inventory collections with different version data and also don't want to blanket deploy packages on a schedule when it may have already been deployed to certain machines (Adobe Reader is particularly bad for this as it's a behemoth and takes ages to process the autodeploy package).

I'm aware of the conditional settings in the packages but again this involves manually editing each time it is updated with the version information, I'd rather it's just completely automated.

I'd be really grateful for any input!




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  • This is easy.

    Right click the auto-download package in PDQDeploy and select New Schedule.  Link the targets for your new schedule to the PDQInventory collection (e.g. Java (old)) under the Collection Library.  Set it and forget it.

  • Ok so I've just discovered the built-in Inventory collections. Thanks! Don't know why I didn't see those before but I guess it always helps to read the manual... or get somebody to make me realise I'm an idiot...

    Anyone in future has s this issue and stumbles upon this, check the 'Collection Library' - the (OLD) collections are all set up already.

    Thanks again


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