Want to email results of nested install package using PS at end. Logs don't seem super helpful to send though

Ok so I'm looking for a method to notify my help desk when a deployed PC is ready for them to ship out or give to a user. Right now the plan is to drop a fairly clean image onto machines using MDT (integration please!) and in a task sequence at the end kick off the "new machine" package based on the user type.  So far this part seems like it should be simple.

What I'm not sure if I can do or how is to include the results of all of the packages in a nested install. I did look at the gzipped logs but those don't seem to be super helpful for this. Once I have the details we are wanting to mail this to a teams channel dedicated to deployment monitoring. Sending an email via PS should not be hard but is there a way to capture the deployment names and results in PS to include them? I don't want to just send an "it's done" message with no results if possible.



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  • Have you looked into Notifications? https://link.pdq.com/docs-PDQDeploy?notifications.htm

    It's been a while since I've played with that feature, so I don't remember if it does everything you're looking for.

  • I saw the notification stuff and a comment on here, I think by you, saying these only worked for scheduled deployments? These would all be triggered by a script and I don't see a way to attach the report to only this package. If there is one it looks like it might work.

  • You can use the -NotificationName parameter of the Deploy command.

  • Oh really? I did not see that. Time to poke around. Thanks!


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