Deploying Autodesk Custom Installations with PDQ Deploy: Access is denied.



  • Kdave

    Is a share it's trying to access? And getting access denied. Have you tried adding a step to file copy all necessary files needed to do the install to following directory  C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\autodesk and adding a step like:

    cd C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\autodesk

    call Install Autodesk_Maya_2022_X64.bat

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  • Stephan de Ridder

    Thanks for your reply!


    Correct. is a share that is getting accessed because there are the source files and the batch file. But all my software deployed with PDQ Deploy is on that share. And never it's a problem. Funny thing: when I run that batch file manually, it's installing perfectly. Only with PDQ Deploy I am getting that "Access Denied" error.

    I am going to try your suggestion. Thanks.

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