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Deploy Package Library not updating package list

I have PDQ Inventory & Deploy running in server/client mode without issues with deployments, scans ect.

The Deploy in client mode Package Library is empty until i login to the computer hosting PDQ in server mode and open Deploy, only then packages update to the latest version and show in the client.


I cant find a setting for the server to keep the package library update without having to keep the server logged into and Deploy open

Deployments work ect just the package library needs Deploy open to update packages



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  • I run mine in Central Server mode as well and do not have this issue.  Are the PDQ services running under your credentials on the server and do they continue to run when you're logged out?

  • The PDQ service runs under a domain service account and Deployments run even if logged out and service show PDQ running. When i login to the server and open PDQ Deploy console, task manager shows it running under my user.

    I'm starting to suspect its todo with the service account may have restricted internet access.

    Thanks for your reply, its good to know it should work in the way i expected.