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Monitor Inventory Reporting - Not pulling in dual monitors of the same model?

Hey guys,

I'm trying to get a report of all PCs and their monitors to prepare for a mass upgrade next year. When pulling a report of PCs & their respective monitor models, the report will successfully build a list, but the list will only show each model once per computer, even if there are multiple of the same type.

See for example below:


The selected PC shows up only once in the list for having an HP E222 display. When I go to the Displays tab, I can see that there are two listed.

Other users may show up in the report with two monitors, but this only occurs when the two monitors have differing model numbers (such as an HP P240va & HP P244 or an HP L1910 & Dell 1703FP)

Also, it places the monitors in separate rows when I feel it'd be better to have separate columns, but that is something I can take care of myself.

Is there a way to generate this report using the built-in tools in PDQ Inventory, or will I need to run a Powershell script on each machine? This would be a last resort as about 1/3 of our machines are not turned on on a regular basis so it would actually be faster for me to just run around to all of the missing workstations one day to manually check the models than to wait the few weeks for each PC to be turned on again and scanned in PDQ, haha.



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  • If you make a third column, for the monitor serial number, then it will list each individual monitor including when they're the same model.

    I've also seen SQL reports (vs the Basic Report you're probably using) posted that may help.

    Like this one:

  • GrantG You're a freaking hero. I feel silly now but haven't run too many reports yet in PDQ. This was a massive help :)