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Microsoft Office Updates Package


It would be very EXTREMELY helpful for those of us who have to update isolated/airgapped environments with patches/hotfixes  for Microsoft Office (2013,2016, 2019) as well as Visio and Project.

Having a prebuilt package for each version of office would be a huge help in terms of allowing us to automate patching for these products. Microsoft does not make it easy to do this manually, and WSUS or WSUSOffline are not options for many of us who live in the airgapped/isolated spaces.



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  • Hi John,

    i use the following command, to force installing office (2019) updates:

    "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ClickToRun\OfficeC2RClient.exe" /update user displaylevel=false forceappshutdown=true

    Maybe this will help you.

    I use this sometimes in our company, if there is a client, which don't want's to update by itself.




  • Thanks for the information, unfortunately that connects to the Microsoft Content Delivery Network. It will not work for my team's use case where we have to burn all our patches and updates to DVD-R media before we can bring it into our environments. Having  PDQ download office patches would be extremely helpful since we could just export the package and copy the repo folder onto a disc and take it into the isolated environments and then import and copy over the patches. Huge Quality of Life and time saving for us. I am even willing to offer Lex and the crew free beers if they can make it happen.

  • we have the same exact issue. Many of the admins working with air gapped offline need to transfer these updates manually every month. Would be great if the pdq package. I suspect this will become critical soon as more companies migrate to newer versions of office. Version 2013/2016 can get patches from WSUS but Office 2019 is not even an option anymore. 

  • FYI, admins will also have the same exact problem with MS Store App updates. Those dont come from WSUS so we need to build an offline package to push out on the airgapped offline network. Ill submit a separate request for this.