Help with 'Using Powershell to download updates' on custom package


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  • Colby Bouma

    If I run this script on the PDQ server, how does PS handle permissions for downloading, creating folders, moving folders, renaming folders?

    That will all be based on the user you run PowerShell as.

    If I run the script on the fileserver, does PDQ pass along the creds to be used to view the DB?

    I recommend against doing this. Since database access is required, it will be easiest to run this script on the PDQ server.

    I'm unfamiliar with how the WebRequests work, I'm assuming for this purpose this is actually a good thing, as I should be able to strip the filename from the URL and use that to determine if there is a new version?

    Unfortunately, it's going to vary a lot between programs. Which programs are you trying to download?

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