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Alert when user logs off


Is it possible using PDQ to setup an alert when a user locks or logs off their computer? In my ideal scenario I would right click on a computer in pdq inventory and start a notify me when user locks their computer or logs off program. Once a user locks their computer, I would get a notification telling me they are offline.  Failing that some sort of script that looks like ping but for the computers logged in status that I could glance at to check the status.

My current strategy is to add the computers to a Static collection and do a scan of 'Users and Groups' but that is limited to a single scan every 30 minutes.


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  • Inventory isn't designed for reactionary tasks like that. The closest thing I can think of is:

    • Scan the computer frequently.
    • Create a Collection based on your criteria.
    • Create a Package that does nothing, such as a Sleep step set to 1 second.
    • Set up a Notification. Make sure to disable "Send only when results change".
    • Create a Schedule that targets the Collection with the Package, and give it an aggressive Interval Trigger like once every 1-5 minutes. Under Options, make sure "Stop deploying to targets once they succeed" is enabled, otherwise you'll get multiple notifications. You'll have to manually clear out Target History if you want another notification in the future.

    This setup uses Deploy to notify you whenever a computer enters that Collection. Auto Reports can't be used for this since they still send when the Collection is empty.

    If you need an instant notification, I recommend looking into an NMS like PRTG or CheckMK, or a log management system like Graylog or Splunk.