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Google Chrome Enterprise with Auto Update... help with post update step

I realize for some reason a lot of people dont want auto update enabled. Thats fine. My question is a bit different. All my 300+ machines i pushed the regular package to. This is causing all my machines (most dont have to VPN for anything since we are all cloud) to be flagged by our security software for it being out of date once it is. I reversed the auto update by simply deleting the entry it creates, but for machines that have it already installed, it doesnt seem to work that way. Anyone ran into that and a way to save me some headache? A second Chrome package from PDQ that simply states "with auto update enabled" would be amazing. Simply because this has caused me SO much work now. Thanks for any help.


I saw this thread, but is unhelpful since no one put what the actually did or wrote. Im not a software guy, so anythign shell or cmd or script is a bit out of my wheel house. I was looking for something easy, and PDQ in this instance has totally bucked me.



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  • Packages in the Package Library disable automatic updates because Deploy can handle that for you with Auto Download.

    To re-enable Chrome's auto update, copy the Disable Auto Update step (you can paste it into a new package if you want), then change the 0 after /d to 1. I would post the actual code, but it's an Enterprise package, so PDQ may not like that.

    You can also manage Chrome settings with Group Policy:

  • I appreciate that Colby, but does that solve the issue for already deployed users that it was disabled? That's my last piece of the puzzle.

  • Yep, just create a new package that only has your new Enable Auto Update step.

  • Thanks man. Giving it a shot! Ill report back in case anyone has this question again, they can learn from my mistakes.

  • That worked. Created a package that pushes the change to all machines with Chrome installed. Thanks Colby for taking a few minutes to help man. I really appreciate it! Below is the code to create a CMD install for anyone looking to do this on a large scale to Chrome Enterprise. 

    %SystemRoot%\System32\Reg.exe ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Update" /v Update{8A69D345-D564-463C-AFF1-A69D9E530F96} /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f
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