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PDQ Central Server setup - Database residing on separate server

We are installing PDQ deploy onto our management server.  We currently have a separate SQL server that is different from our management server that we want to house the database on.  We have our individual licenses so we will be installing the client on 7 of our tech computers. 

What I want to know is if it's possible to have the Server client installed on our management server but our DB housed on another server?

Server A - Management Server - Central Server Client installed
Server B - SQL server - SQL Database resides here
Tech PC's - Client installed based on available licensing



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  • Deploy and Inventory use SQLite. They cannot use any other database system, and the database cannot be relocated to a separate server. However, the database CAN be moved to a different drive:

  • PDQ does not use an enterprise database despite advertising itself as enterprise software. You are stuck with a lightweight free database and nothing else even though customers have been asking for years for a more robust database option.