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I seem to be having an issue pushing out LAPS to some of our endpoints. There are 18 and so far, only 1 was successful. Upon checking the successful endpoint, I noticed that it doesn't fully install the entire package. It's missing the LAPS UI executable. 

I've watched the videos provided and everything is setup as how the video's are, but it doesn't work for some reason. Does anyone have any tips on getting this to work properly? Thanks.



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  • Is Deploy returning any errors?

  • I was able to figure out why it was failing. It was due to the 2nd install step; to run a gpupdate. I removed that step, leaving just the 1 step to install and that went through, however, I am still running into the issue where all of these endpoints are missing the LAPS UI executable. I can see Local Administrator Password Solution in Uninstall/Change a Program. Searching for LAPS in File Explorer, I am able to see the LAPS folder, but the only files that are in that folder are the CSE folder and then the AdmPwd.dll file. 

    I can now see the local admin accounts from all of these endpoints from the LAPS UI on my workstation. Is the install through PDQ a "light" install, where it doesn't install the full package? This works great for all of the other hundreds of endpoints that I don't want the LAPS UI installed, but how would I configure PDQ to install the full package on these handful of endpoints? Thanks.


    So I right-clicked on LAPS in Uninstall/Change a Program --> Change

    It brings up the LAPS Setup Wizard and when I click on Change (Lets you change the way features are installed) I see that Fat client UI isn't checked off as an install. This is the reason why the full package isn't installed. Is there a way to configure PDQ to install the Fat client UI? Thanks.

  • It looks like you need to add ADDLOCAL=ALL to the Parameters.


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