Client Pull new Software at startup

Is there an Option to invoke a command in a Startup script on the Client or Domain to pull updated software from the PDQ Deploy Server ? I tried google but couldn't find a specific working case. 



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  • Are you looking to sync the Package Library when a Client console is opened? If so, there's nothing built-in that will do that. Refreshing the Client with F5 or View --> Refresh will do it, but scripting that would be tricky.

  • Actually, I found something that isn't too bad. Create a .BAT file with the following code and use it to launch the Client console instead of the regular desktop shortcut.

    PDQDeploy.exe Settings -Name LibrarySettings.LastUpdate -Set "2020-01-01 00:00:00-01:00"
    START PDQDeployConsole.exe

    This works by tricking Deploy into thinking it has been a long time since the last sync. I tried to get this to work in the shortcut, but it kept eating the quotes or something.


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