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The Dreaded Windows update question post..

I am very new to PDQ deploy and Inventory.  I am looking to clean up our windows versions.

I have two projects that i am doing with PDQ...the monthly windows updates and in-place upgraded to 21h1.

When it comes to the windows updates...i have dynamic groups setup with windows versions, and i plan to deploy updates based on these groups.  I noticed that the packages provided do not restart PCs after install.  What do you recommend in this instance?  Do you think I should edit the package to add a restart step?  Or, should I use the restart required dynamic group the next day?  What is the reason PDQ packages doesn't restart?

My second place upgrade.  I was fairly successful with a few small test deployments.  However after the upgrade to 21h1, some of MS office licenses were not found, and office would not work.  A quick fix was to add permissions to registry key...Hkey user\s1-5-20...for network services user.  Then re activate with our license key.
Any thoughts why this broke?  Is there a step i can add to that deployment to change permissions on the registry key before or after the restart to prevent this problem.  I am not exactly sure where in the upgrade this breaks.

Thanks for your help!