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How to use powershell to install ipp printers and pass through authenticatio

We need your assistance. I’m trying to install an IPP printer on a non-domain joined PC using powershell.


I already have the installation of the driver to the driver store complete.


We have a print server with IP printing enabled, however, we have windows authentication enabled.


If I turn off windows authentication and enable anonymous authentication in IIS for the print server the command I’m using works, and I am able to add the printer.


The issue is we want to be able to pass through the username and password to be able to install the printer.


The command with anonymous authentication that works is in the format below (elevated power shell command):


Add-Printer -Name http://PrintServer_IPaddress/printers/Print_queu_name/.printer -DriverName "Xerox VersaLink C7020 V4 PCL6" -PortName http:// PrintServer_IPaddress /printers/Print_queu_name /.printer


We want to pass through, via this command or any mechanism, the local username and password authenticates into the server.

This would essentially fill in the Username and password for the Printer port as shown in the screenshot below:



We already used some of your documents for help: