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Autodesk 2022 Product Updates

Just wanted to share what we learned.

So now with the new custom install deployment got easy right...

You have 2 choices 1.rerun the deployment after you update the deployment or 2 run the update by itself.

let me cover the steps on both.


1. Check your Autodesk account deployments

2. You can edit and verify your settings (is it set to latest? or a specific version)

3. Save if you have made changes or go back to list of deployments if no changes were made.

4. Download and run the deployment tool (this will update your deployment location)

5. Once complete rerun the PDQ deployment (if using the insert batch file don't, copy the install script and paste that instead, that way when the updater revises the bat file you don't break it)

Note: The installer will skip what is already install and only run what is missing.

install as interactive and domain admin


For just the installer:

Autodesk has changed how the switch looks - instead of \

1. Run as install "\\server path to file\revit update xx.exe -q"