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PowerShell Scanner results True/False automatically true if no scan

We set up a new PowerShell scanner recently, specifically the one around Windows11 compatibility shown on the webcast. We realised after putting it in service that we wanted to collect some more data and display that in the same True/False manner.  

I did some testing to see what adding an extra column and changing headers would do to the existing data. My testing found that if I add an extra column, and run the scan so it updates the column headers, any device that has previously been scanned before the changes but not scanned since it automatically makes the new columns true.

This means that I can't rely on the data until the device has been scanned with the updated scanner, which is far from ideal and makes it almost impossible to base collections/reports off of the data.



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  • I recommend reporting this to

    As a workaround, you could delete the scanner and recreate it. That should delete the scan results from all computers so that they don't show invalid data.