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Feature Request: Remove Scan Collection from context menu when right click on a device.

When right clicking on a single or group of computers the option to Scan Computer and Scan Collection is available. Sometimes when rushing, the wrong option is selected and we end up scanning hundreds of machines. The Scan Collection option is available when right clicking a collection.



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  • I second this request. We have multiple administrators accessing a central server and 3 or 4 times a week, someone inevitably selects the Scan Collection option while right clicking a single device under All Computers. Sometimes if one of us catches it quickly enough, we can abort enough scans to recover, other times the server becomes completely unresponsive and forces us to reboot. Since a collection scan can be easily triggered by right clicking on an actual collection, I don't see the need to include the option when selecting specific devices. Removing the option, or at the very least, moving the option somewhere further down the menu where users are less likely to click it accidentally would save us a lot of unnecessary downtime.