LAPS: update all packages to default to "Use PDQ Inventory Scan User..."?



  • Colby Bouma

    Is it possible to script a change to the database to update all my deployments (100+) and schedules (80+) to have this check box ticked? Rather than doing it manually?

    TL;DR: Yes...mostly.


    For new deployments, the Deploy Once window uses the value stored in the following registry key. This is how it remembers your previous choice. You shouldn't need to manually change this one.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Deploy Console\UISettings\DeploymentWindow\UsePDQInventoryScanUser


    If you Redeploy a deployment, it uses the UsePDQInventoryUser field from the Deployments table in the database. If you really want to change this, then:

    • Go to Options --> Preferences --> Database
    • Back up your database
    • Click "SQLite Console"
    • Execute the following query:
      UPDATE Deployments SET UsePDQInventoryUser = 1;
    • Refresh the Deploy console


    Existing Schedules are very similar. They use the UsePDQInventoryUser field of the Schedules table. To update them, follow the same steps as above, but use the following query. Also, you may need to restart the Background Service.

    UPDATE Schedules SET UsePDQInventoryUser = 1;


    Unfortunately, new Schedules always default that checkbox to false. They do not have a matching registry entry. Creating it doesn't do anything. However, you could create a template Schedule and duplicate it instead of using New Schedule. But at that point it's probably easier to just click the checkbox :)

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  • Michael Yorke

    Colby Bouma, perfect! I have run all these and they are working as expected. I'll keep an eye out for any issues.

    Many thanks!

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