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Question: Adobe XD via Deploy fails because of admin permissions

Hey community,

I'm trying to deploy Adobe XD and I came up with some technical issues.


My pdq_deploy user is on the test client in the group Administrator.

The package for XD did I get from the admin console with a custom build.

When I try to install it via pdq deploy, this fail output comes:

When I try to install it locally with the user logged on, the same output comes.

I figured out, that if I install with right click -> run as admin, it works. 
So even with my account svc_pdq which has admin permissons, I need to install it that way.


I found in the community this post:

PDQ Deploy - install with Elevated Permissions (i.e. right click "Run as Admin") - Software Deployment & Patching - Spiceworks

Like described there, I need to elevate my current session with a step before that install step with this command:

net user administrator /active:yes 

When I try to use that, there comes a error, that i need admin permissions


Here are my package settings and stuff:


Does someone have an idea how I can install that shit?



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