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Christmas Feature : Ability to have push/pull mode based on ip rule

Hi Folks

Merry X-Mas from France,

My wish for Christmas is to be able to dynamically select pull or push mode based on ip address rules.


I have 3 clients:

  • Client A on site 1 where there is a DFS share
  • Client B on site 2 where there is a DFS replicated from Site 1
  • Client C on VPN

Goal : deploy with one shoot on client A,B,C, but based on some IP rule, clients A et B would be PULL mode where client C is Push mode.

I know it is possible to make two jobs (one for pull mode and one for push mode) with appropriate dynamic group using PDQ Inventory, but it a big source of mistake for us.

This is my wish list :)

Best regards





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  • I envision this as a CASE or IF-THEN scenario that I would love to see within PDQ.  Not just for this instance of course, as there have been numerous other times it would have proved useful.