Get "Password never expires" value for particular local user

We have a particular local user account configured on all our computers.  Need to be able to determine which computers have that account set for "Password never expires" or not.  The Set-LocalUser commandlet can set the "never expires" flag, but the Get-LocalUser is very limited, and doesn't seem to have a way to retrieve user settings (such as the "never expires" flag).

Watched a bunch of PDQ videos, looked at blog postings, looked at Microsoft docs, but haven't figured it out.  





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  • The output of many cmdlets is formatted to be easier to read. This is one way to see every property on the object(s) they emit:

    Get-LocalUser | Select-Object *

    If the property you want is in there (such as PasswordExpires), you can use a PowerShell Scanner to run that cmdlet (without the Select-Object *) on all of your computers.


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