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Can I read a varable from a text file

Hi I'm new to PDQ Deploy & Inventory. I'm still using the trial version, but I really like it and will probably pull the trigger soon. Here's my situation, I'm the IT guy handling software deployments & we have another guy who has developed an internally app. He updates the app very frequently, sometimes daily. I've set up my collection to look for the current version, but the version changes very frequently. Is there a way to read a variable from a text file so he can just update it any time he wants to push out a new update? Yes, I know how to create a custom variable, but I don't want to have to update it on an almost daily bases.
Or is there a better way of handling this?



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  • Inventory doesn't have anything built-in that can do that. I recommend using PowerShell to watch for changes to that text file and updating your custom variable through the command line:

    PDQInventory.exe UpdateCustomVariable