Feature request: add registry keys via a PDQ-Step


It would be nice of PDQ Deploy had an extra option in the "Step"-menu: Add registry keys.

If the registry key is inside HKEY_USERS, there should also be an option to determine if you want to add the registry to "only HKEY_CURRENT_USER", "all exiting user profiles", ".Default" or "all of them"



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  • If I understand what you're thinking. Something like this may be too complicated because of crazy the drill down options you could get. The PDQ server would need to have a full list of every registry key and field possible or have a limited list of certain keys.

    You can easily edit registry keys and values in PDQ but there isn't a step dedicated to it. You can create an install step and point it to a REG file, the step will take care of the rest. You can also create a PowerShell script using New-Item, New-ItemProperty, or Set-ItemProperty and customize it that way too.


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