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Can we call PDQInventory.exe remotely?

I'd like to allow another user to update a custom variable on my computer/PDQ Inventory with the "PDQInventory.exe" tool. I've crated a .bat file like so:
set VERSION=2022.01.13.00
"\\I7X4-45G-10\PDQ Inventory\PDQInventory.exe" UpdateCustomVariable SKU_VER %VERSION%

The "PDQ Inventory" folder is shared with full access. When the other user tries to run the .bat, they get this error:

I'm fully licensed in Enterprise mode.



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  • If I'm reading this right, you are running this script on a random client but PDQ is installed on another device. PDQ is not installed, I'd wager, on the the local computer or you wouldn't be trying to launch the EXE via UNC. You can't just summon an EXE and execute it as if it's running in its actual environment. Because you are launching it from another computer and executing there with essentially no configuration, including (but not limited to) no license, it'll never work.

    Solution: use powershell remoting, psexec, remote WMI, etc to execute pdqinventory.exe commands on the remote computer itself. E.g., 

    Invoke-Command -ComputerName "I7X4-45G-10" -ScriptBlock {pdqinventory.exe UpdateCustomVariable SKU_Ver "2022.01.13.00"}

    YMMV! You could also, if licenses allow, install PDQ Inventory on the local computer in client mode and then dispense with any need to reach across the network.