Auto Reports `address` Parameter Failure Point -- Emailing Reports



  • Colby Bouma

    Did you fill out the To field on the Mail tab of your Auto Report?

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  • Patrick

    Yes, I do have an e-mail address in the To field.  I even attempted to put addresses in the To, CC and BCC fields at the same time, just to make sure none of those were flagging.

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  • Colby Bouma

    If possible, I'd like to see the stacktrace for that error.

    1. Open the Auto Report.
    2. Go to the Reports tab.
    3. Click on the blue ? in the Last Run Status column.
    4. Click the "Submit this issue to PDQ Support" link.
    5. Copy and paste everything from the bottom box here, and use the "Code block" formatting option. You may wish to redact some details like hostnames.
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  • Patrick

    The information requested is below.  I did not have to clear any information out.  Email field listed below is blank for some reason....I'm going to guess PDQ clears that field by default in these reports to keep identifying information out of the report that's sent.  I definitely do have an email in the TO field.

    AppDomain         : PDQInventoryConsole.exe

    CLR Version       : 4.0.30319.42000

    Comments          : 

    Current AppDomain : PDQInventoryConsole.exe

    Database          : C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\Database.db

    Date              : 2022-01-18T14:58:17.4899569Z

    Email             : 

    Entry             : C:\Program Files (x86)\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory\PDQInventoryConsole.exe

    Error             : The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string.

                      : Parameter name: address

    Error Type        : System.ArgumentException

    HResult           : 0x80070057 Code:87 Facility:7 Warning

    License Mode      : Enterprise Mode

    Manufacturer      : HP (HP ProBook 440 G8 Notebook PC)

    Memory            : 31.7 GB (20.1 GB free)

    ParamName         : address

    PID               : 17660

    Process           : PDQInventoryConsole

    Product           : PDQ Inventory

    SentryEnabled     : True

    Service Mode      : Client

    Subject           : PDQ Inventory Diagnose Report

    Version           :

    Windows           : Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise (10.0.19043)

    The parameter 'address' cannot be an empty string.

    Parameter name: address


    ParamName: address

    HResult: 0x80070057 Code:87 Facility:7 Warning

       at System.Net.Mail.MailAddress..ctor(String address, String displayName, Encoding displayNameEncoding)

       at AdminArsenal.Net.MailSender.SendHtml(String sender, IEnumerable`1 toRecipients, IEnumerable`1 ccRecipients, IEnumerable`1 bccRecipients, String subject, String message, IEnumerable`1 attachments)

       at AdminArsenal.PDQInventory.Reports.AutoReportService.Mail(AutoReportDefinition definition, List`1 exportedFiles)

       at AdminArsenal.PDQInventory.Reports.AutoReportService.RunAutoReportDefinition(AutoReportDefinition autoReportDefinition)
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  • Colby Bouma

    Excellent, thanks! Here's a few more things to try:

    1. Double-check that the Sender Email Address field is still set in Preferences --> Mail Server.
    2. Try running the Auto Report from your Server.
    3. Update to
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