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Fortinet VPN Client Deploy using PDQ


We would like to set a deployment in order to upgrade current EU Fortinet VPN Clients to version

I didn't find any MSI for doing so,

Is someone managed to make this deployment work?


Thank you in advance,




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  • You can extract the .msi file from the regular Forticlient install thru the temp folder when the install of the .exe is open. I found it in %appdata% but i am not exactly sure if it was in Local or Roaming Temp. Sadly to my knowledge you cant get it any other way.

    As for the deployment:

    After you got the .msi from it its childs play to install. I even went to far as to write a regeddit file to configurate the settings, which is deployed before the installation. Makes for a better Installation to bundle it together for as little problems with Endusers as possible.


    Hope that helped.

  • Is it possible for you to share the reg file? We've been having a helluva time trying to get this update installed.  We already have it deployed on all of our laptops but trying to upgrade it and have it retain the settings has proven difficult.

  • Can't share the file, but here is how to get it


    1) Install fortivpn on a test machine and set it up manually

    2) After that is done and you restarted the machine, check out your regedit

    path: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fortinet\FortiClient\Sslvpn\Tunnels 

    3) In the Tunnels Folder should be a named one with how you decided to name it when you set it up manually, right click that and click export.
    4) Now you can deploy it after the fortivpn install went through.

  • Thank you.  As for the installation - from the picture it looks like you install the reg file and then the MSI? 

  • The picture from my previous post was still work in progress, here is my current solution


  • that's fantastic.  Two things - I see you using the .exe and not the msi?   Also what powershell command are you using to stop fortinet?  I could not find that to save my life. 



  • If you check out the post aboth were i mention how to get the offline installer that should explain itself. The msi is the online installer that would require your clients to download from a slow forti server which you want to avoid since you would use plenty of bandwith. With the offline installer you can keep the traffic in your network.


    I would advise you to check out silenthq. Its a site which helped me a lot on acquiring cmdlets and powershell silent commands for individual programs. 


    As for the stop powershell script i wrote it myself: Stop-Process -name Forti* -for

  • hi, may i know what step need to install the regedit file i already exported the file to retain the config of forti. 

  • Just use the PDQ step for regeddit in your deployment to install the file after the normal installation of the .exe file.

  • Hi, Can you share the step 2 and 5? what step 2 and 5 do? i really appreciate if can share and you save my life :)