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  • Why is this not a thing?

  • Any update on if/when this will be available?

    Updated download link to the Software - see 'DC base MUI (64-bit)' file

    22.001.20142 Planned update, Jun 14, 2022 — Acrobat & Acrobat Reader DC Release Notes (

  • This is definitely needed.  I have a manual update process set, but I would much prefer an auto-download package.  Please look into this, PDQ.

  • 100% would use this

  • Hi All,

    Our packaging team has been evaluating a 64-bit Adobe Reader package, though there are issues that may prevent this from being possible. The 64-bit version of Adobe Reader that Adobe provides actually installs Adobe Acrobat (according to the registry and appwiz.cpl) and not Adobe Reader, which makes tracking "Free" vs "Paid" installations of Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader (64-bit) incredibly difficult. This also affects PDQ Inventory collections as well. More information on this can be found in Adobe's Adobe - 64-bit Unified App Installer article. In addition to the change, Adobe now requires users who install Adobe Reader 64-bit to create an individual account and login each time they use the software. The attached article explains how to opt-out of this, but our concern is in the future, this may be a requirement and not an option. We've found that many customers are starting to look for PDF alternatives to use in their environment. We will continue to watch this closely.


  • Strange, in my environment the 64-bit Reader and Pro look very similar but are actually different somehow. We need to install the Asian language font pack and it doesn't work with Pro, installer just throws error that Reader isn't installed. Users who have a paid Acrobat Pro license can login to Acrobat Reader, but the available tools are different. (Before login it shows all tools, but after login only a few tools remain.)

    But maybe this is because we installed Pro from the Creative Cloud Desktop, and Reader from the normal download location, instead of using the unified installer in the link above.

    I'm more curious as to how PDQ's Acrobat package installation hides tools that aren't available. Or is this a 32-bit vs. 64-bit thing?

  • For anyone else that is stuck.

    Download the stand alone package; Extract the exe w/ 7z or other tool

    Use the wizard to customize.

    They are now a unified installer according to the majority of documentation I glazed over.

    I am finding the setup.exe = 32 bit and the msi = 64 bit

    msiexec /i "AcroRead.msi" /qn TRANSFORMS="AcroRead.mst"

    Continuous updates general link:

  • Would love this be more a focus to be able to patch and update 64-bit versions.

  • +1

    "We've found that many customers are starting to look for PDF alternatives to use in their environment."

    Im recommending and deploying PDF24 Creator as alternative, but for "fillable" PDFs (sorry probably wrong expression) I found ARDC to be most reliable. (Maybe especially if these PDFs have been created with Adobe-SW itself? Not sure.)

    Anyone has recommendations for alternatives?

  • I switched to Acrobat Reader 2020 (Classic track) and it's working great for now. I support a multi-lingual environment and none of the alternatives work well.

    I'm waiting to see if the Adobe Acrobat + Edge integration will work as good as the standalone Acrobat Reader. It's also giving me issues with multiple languages but I've filed reports with Microsoft.