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  • +1 for this.

  • I'm totally onboard with this with Solidworks having a million prerequisites for install a template from PDQ would be great, see attached pictures. I'd be willing to help provide PDQ with help for building the template, please reach out. 

    Edrawings thats included with PDQ also could use a template version. If you own solidworks you can get a special version of edrawings that allows you to skip registration with a few simple registry keys. This is great for deployment on the full fleet of corporate computers. Edrawings needs to be updated every time solidworks is updated as they do version checks on files. 

  • Another +1. The Solidworks provided tool is garbage and NEVER works consistently. You think it's going to after setup and testing but it just doesn't

  • I have started working on this already.  I would be willing to help make this one also.


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