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Package where installer is compressed format(*.zip)

Today many msi or exe installers are in zip format when downloaded.

I know that I can unpack the file before setting up the package but it takes space on my PDQ Deploy server.

Do you have a facility to automatically unpack the zip file after copying the file to target machine (before trying to install)?

Can I do so using a powershell script on target machine? If so what do I reference the copied file?



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  • This is what I did when I had a zip file:

    Step 1: Use file copy step and copy the zip file from your source server to destination locally on your workstation or server. I usually copy it to C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\<name of folder>

    Step 2: Use powershell step to unzip the file: This is the command I use:

    cd  C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\<name of folder> (this will tell it to CD to folder where zip file was copiedP

    Expand-Archive -DestinationPath C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\<folder>

    Step 3: Use powershell command again

    cd C:\Windows\AdminArsenal\<name of folder>

    Use powershell command to run the msi

  • Thanks.

    I'm new to PDQ Deploy so are the steps you are referring to as in screenshot?

  • Yes Something like this




  • Second test

  • 3rd step

  • And good choice in picking PDQ. I have pretty much automated all my 3rd party patching and it's pretty much hands off. Beauty of PDQ is if you can dream it, it can be automated. 

  • It probably varies based on who made the MSI, what it is, and what other install files go with it, but I just did a few checks.

    Zipping various MSI files, using "Ultra" compression in 7Zip, my zipped versions were only 2-5% smaller than the plain MSI file.

    Same with the .EXE installers, most of them are compressed or self extracting already.

    So doing it that way may not be actually saving you much disk space or bandwidth.  FYI