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Need help for Revit update


I'm trying to deploy an Revit update, the name of the file is Revit_2021_1_6.exe and I was hoping that someone could help me.


I check this post and

It doesn't work, Maybe I miss something or I did something wrong again even I've followed the instruction.


Bear in mind that I never create my own package for deploying a file so I'm not good at all.

Is there someone, please can provide me a step by step instruction brcause I really struggling here.


Many thanks in advance






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  • The same issue to me.


    Any help will be appreciated. 

  • Could it be related to what's mentioned in this thread?

  • Hi,

    I finally found how to install my Revit update, I followed the instruction here and it was easy with the Autodesk template, it really help.


    The only thing is that I cannot create the image on a mapped drive, so I create on my PC and after that I copied it a the repository on my server.

    Many thanks,

    Next time I will try the Office 2019 update with the Office template.